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ATG Commerce 10 : to multi-channel and multi-site.

ATG Commerce 10 : What's New

With ATG Commerce 10, you will speed implementations, improve merchandising, rapidly launch new sites, and easily expand into new markets.

Empower your organization with greater agility, control, and efficiency to achieve your goals for cross-channel, social, and mobile commerce.

Therefore, ATG 10 is enhanced version designed to make the merchandising more agile and more profitable.

  • ATG Unified Multi-Site Architecture

- Allows sites to share commerce and personalization resources including content and components

- Enables multi-site sharing of elements including catalog, price lists, gift lists, shopping cart, and personalization assets

- Includes multi-site support for segments, content groups, scenarios, personalization rules, search and search merchandising, and reporting

  • Merchandiser interface

- User-inspired design includes drag-and-drop and other rich media user tools

- Split pane increases work space and simplifies manipulation of multiple assets

- Enhanced toolbar and navigation improves find, sort, filtering, and categorization, making it easy to quickly locate items and work with very large catalogs

  • Template Promotion
- Simplified creation of the most common promotions
- Redesigned promotions management tailored to common use cases

- Support for custom and more complex promotions


By using the solutions ATG for your e-commerce site, we shall help you to answer your on-line challenges and create a unique shopping experience for your customers.

Through a gold partnership with Oracle| ATG, ARTERE e-commerce is able to provide a complete range of services around the ATG solution.Learn More ››


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