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ARTERE Ecommerce will assist you in achieving and optimizing your ecommerce activity with the ATG solution.

Project Manager

We can assist you in defining your needs, ensuring the implementation of "best practice" related to the use of ATG.

Our consultants will assist you in implementing the different products and services of the ATG solution

  • Project Study
  • Establishing functional needs
  • Functional architecture
  • Progress supervision
  • Priority management
  • Functional Support, data management, test...
  • Coordination of different partners (payment, shipping..)
  • upgrader (update from one version to another, integrating new functionality)
  • Deployment support

Whether it's a technical manager or integrator or a client user, ARTERE offers functional support on various products and services of ATG Ecommerce solution.

Our consultants can help as

  • time and materials project for a functional demonstration in order to discover the products of the solution ATG,
  • or fixed-price to assist you throughout the project ensuringoptimal use of ATG.

Our consultants will help you gradually to evaluate the effectiveness of your online store

1-Minimize the deadlines setting to free up time for value-generating activities:

  • Automation of Setup
  • Import data automatically into the BCC (Business Control Center)

2-Provide the tools and methods needed to create this value:

  • Improve the chances of settings through the establishment of a CMS deployed by ARTERE
  • Optimize the use of existing Web Metrics with the implementation of Control Panel
  • Educate teams to influential leverage on the transformation rate

3-Assist you in establishing a continuous improvement cycle:

  • Web Analytics Support
  • Test Support

IT Manager

Functional and technical experts assist you to define and realize your project

Our consultants can help as time and materials project or fixed-price project.Learn More ››

You-Have a Project ? Contact Us

Phone : + 33 (0)9 52 92 53 77

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Project Manager ATG

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ARTERE Ecommerce

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