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ARTERE corporate culture is based on seven values.

Our Values

The culture of ARTERE e-commerce is based on respect for individual and mutual support between employees, and a true collaboration.

Our approach rests on seven values


and in particular the rejection of any unfair practices in the conduct of business in order to obtain a contract or special benefit.


in the sense of entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to take risks and engage, while remaining cautious and lucid, without which the bold manager can be dangerous ;


which implies a willingness to empower individuals and teams, and confront those responsible for the effects of their actions and decisions. The trust also implies openness and transparency in the flow of information;


or creativity, innovation, independent thinking and respect for others in their cultures, their habits and differences, which is essential in a group with strong growth objectives and international developments ;


and the ability to jointly share the good and the bad times;


in relationships with others and in the approach to issues ;


without which any business is difficult or impossible to achieve.

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As part of our development, ARTERE is looking for new talent in the domain of ecommerce, experienced or juniors.

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